Mustang Survival MD3025 Belt Pack

Mustang Survival MD3025 Belt Pack
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Comfort and Safety at a Sale Price,
All in One PFD!

Mustang Survival's MD3025 Inflatable Belt Pack PFD fits around the waist like a belt. This belt pack is manually inflated by pulling the activation cord. When the cell is inflated, you pull it over your head for proper use as a flotation device. The belt pack design allows for unhindered movement and is easy to wear over clothing and uniforms.

Manually-activated inflatable PFDs are inflated by pulling the inflation cord that hangs from the PFD at waist-height. They will not inflate when they get wet or are immersed in water. Manually-activated PFDs are a great choice for activities such as paddling, wade-fishing and swimming where there is a reasonable chance you will end up in the water and are confident you will be able to pull the inflation cord when you need it. They are also ideal for situations where control over PFD inflation is desired.


  • compact and easy to use and repack
  • lightweight and compact design allows unimpared movement
  • provides 35lb buoyancy when inflated and fully donned (correctly pulled over the head)
  • capable of self-righting a face-down person in seconds
  • Type V PFD, U.S. Coast Guard approved
  • user inflates PFD by pulling activation cord
  • Backup oral inflation tube

CLICK HERE to view a demonstration of how well these PFDs inflate.
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CLICK HERE to review "Frequently Asked Questions" about inflatable PFDs.
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CLICK HERE for a National Safe Boating Council presentation about belt pack PFDs.

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